Treatment - Dr. Banach
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Treatment – efficient, gentle, aesthetic

Our approach

As a patient you benefit from the latest orthodontic advances and state-of-the-art treatment methods.

Our range

The range of modern orthodontics – functional and aesthetic solutions for children and young people.

The process

From the first discussion via planning to the start of treatment

Our approach

Adults, children and young people

As a patient you benefit from the latest developments in orthodontics and its innovative treatment methods. Ongoing training and investments ensure that our treatment methods and technical equipment are state-of-the-art.


Your satisfaction is our priority:



Patient orientated

We treat all patients according to their individual needs. Nothing is “off the peg“, instead we always adapt our treatment to the special requirements and personal circumstances of the examined patient. 
Our open approach creates a positive and relaxed atmosphere for patient and accompanying person.

Efficient and gentle

The very latest treatment techniques and materials allow us to bring about your desired outcomes gently, but in a shorter space of time. Especially for children and young people we use treatment methods that require as little cooperation as possible, while keeping a close eye on every day compatibility and maximal comfort.


Our care for aesthetics already starts during treatment. Whether using subtle ceramic brackets, braces invisible from the outside or Invisalign treatment – we offer all options for an unobtrusive yet effective treatment.


As members of the leading orthodontic organisations, our whole team regularly participates in national and international conferences and training courses to stay abreast of the latest developments. Dr. Banach continually applies his expertise as guest speaker, lecturer and through his own training courses for colleagues.


Investing in new technologies ensures modern treatment methods. Whether we use intraoral scanners instead of conventional plaster cast, or x-ray technology with minimum radiation – our top priority is to supply the highest quality for the well-being of our patients.