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Problems with your braces?

Should you or your child have problems with your braces, please contact us immediately and arrange an emergency appointment by dialling 06174 – 931877 (Königstein) or 069 – 17508864 (Frankfurt). For emergencies outside of working hours, you will find our emergency number on our office answering machine.

Caution: if your teeth are moving back into their original position relatively fast, please make a prompt emergency appointment – it is important not to jeopardise the treatment progress made so far!

Sore areas


  • Exposed areas
  • Sore areas
  • Whitish inflamation

What to do?

  • Rinse your mouth with a medical solution (from the pharmacy) several times a day, to speed up healing.
  • How to protect sensitive areas: dry the irritating parts of the braces with cotton tips and cushion them. This can be done with the wax supplied by us or if necessary use a sugar-free chewing gum. At night you can place cotton rolls (pharmacy) between the appliance and the sore areas.
  • Arrange an appointment for a check-up.

Loose bracket


In the middle of dental arch

What to do?

  • Just leave the bracket where it is.
  • Arrange for an emergency appointment.

At the end of the dental arch
What to do?

  • If possible, tightly cut off the wire tip with nail-clippers or pliers.
    Dry the area with a cotton tip.
  • Then treat the remaining wire tip with wax, or if necessary with a sugar-free chewing gum.
  • Arrange for an emergency appointment.

Broken removable appliance

What to do?

  •  If possible continue to wear it. Smooth the sharp edges with a nail file.
  • Arrange for an emergency appointment.

Irritating wire tip

What to do?

  • Cut off the wire tip as tightly as possible with nail-clippers or pliers.
  • Dry the area with a cotton tip. Then treat the remaining wire tip with wax.
  • Or, try and press the wire to the tooth with a blunt object (e.g. the back of a ball pen).

Loose tie


No appliance is attached to the tie
What to do?

  • Please try and remove the loose tie.
  • Arrange for an emergency appointment.

An appliance is attached to the tie
(e.g. for Bio Bite Corrector, transpalatal and lingual arch, transversal developer and Quadhelix).
What to do?

  • Please first clean the tooth and then try to push the band back onto the tooth.
  • Arrange for an emergency appointment

Arch has slipped out

What to do?


  • Using your fingers or a pair of tweezers, try to move the loose arch back into one of the small tubes on the band.
  • If this is not successful and the loose end is pricking, wrap it in wax or a sugar-free chewing gum.
  • Please only cut the wire tip off in an emergency.
    Contact us immediately to make an appointment.

Pain after a new appliance or wire has been inserted

It is completely normal that new braces or a new arch are uncomfortable at first. The teeth have to get used to the changes. It is advisable to consume soft foods as chewing on hard foods can be quite painful. In the first few days a mild painkiller (e.g. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen) may bring relief. If the irritation does not improve after two days, please arrange for an appointment with us.

Lost separating ring

Try to insert a new separating ring – it might help to thread the elastic ring onto two pieces of dental floss and position it that way. If this does not work, then we will simply replace it at your next appointment.