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With fixed braces it is particularly important to clean one’s teeth thoroughly after every meal.

For the right kind of care you require:

  • Toothbrush (short head / medium firmness)
  • Interdental brush (preferably large)
  • Dental floss / superfloss
  • Fluorid based toothpaste
  • Fluorid based mouthwash solution
  • Fluorid-Gel
  • Tooth colouring tablets / tooth colouring mouthwash solution

Here is how you clean your teeth properly when wearing fixed braces:

1. First of all vigorously rinse your mouth with water to remove any food remains

2. Use the interdental brush to clean the areas below the arch

3. Clean the brackets from above by positioning the toothbrush onto the teeth at a slightly skewed angle from above. With gentle pressure one gets under the arch and can easily reach the upper side surface areas of the brackets.

4. Next, position the toothbrush slightly skewed from below. With light pressure thread the bristles below the arch to reach the lower side surface areas of the brackets.

5. After that the gums are cleaned and massaged

6. Thoroughly clean the chewing surfaces

7. With the toothbrush at a slight angle thoroughly clean the inside surface of the teeth with circular motions

8. At the end, critically observe and check whether all surfaces were cleaned

Dental contact points should be cleaned with Superfloss at least 4x a week.

In addition, brush teeth with fluoride gel 1x a week.


To make sure everything is cleaned properly, use teeth colouring tablets / colourant mouth wash solution, which will show up any dental plaque.

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