Support and care - Dr. Banach
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Simple tips. Very easy.

Sometimes it happens that braces irritate the skin or a wire becomes loose while eating. For these situations we have put together some basic first aid tips, however, you are still required to contact us, so we can discuss how to proceed further.
Even brushing your teeth with braces has to be learned. To be nice and thorough we have some dental care tips here for you.

Help tips

Screw loose, act quickly!

As a rule you should contact us immediately if you experience problems with your braces, and arrange an emergency appointment by dialling 06174 – 931877 (Königstein) or 069 – 17508864 (Frankfurt)


For urgent emergencies outside of working hours, you will find our emergency number on our office answering machine.


Caution: if your teeth are moving back into their original position relatively fast, please make a prompt emergency appointment – it is important not to jeopardise the treatment progress made so far!


However, there are some situations that allow for quick self-help. Here are a few “emergency tips” that may help you.


Problems with your braces?

With fixed braces it is particularly important to clean your teeth properly after each meal.


For the right kind of care you require:

  • Toothbrush (short head / medium firmness)
  • Interdental brush (preferably large)
  • Dental floss / superfloss
  • Fluorid based toothpaste
  • Fluorid based mouthwash solution
  • Fluorid gel
  • Tooth colouring tablets / tooth colouring mouthwash solution


By following these tips for dental care your teeth will get properly cleaned despite braces: