Dental impressions made easy: Our true definition intraoral scanner has arrived!

About This Project

As one of the first practices in Germany, we are delighted to be in a position to offer our clients dental impressions made with an intraoral scanner. Before commencing any treatment, the initial status of your dental condition needs to be documented. To plan the treatment, we require an exact impression of teeth and bite. Normally this is done using a special paste and metal impression tray. This method requires a lot of patience among patients, because the paste has to first dry in the mouth. Often the required amount of material also triggers a gagging sensation, and in many cases the impression has to be repeated when the quality is not satisfactory.


For documenting your dental situation our practice now uses an intraoral scanner. The scanner is swept across the surface of the teeth without touching them and produces a digital image of the impression. The benefits for our clients are:


  • Much more pleasant process – no impression material or bulky impression trays.
    The image of the dental situation is very precise and allows for a perfect fitment of your treatment device.
  • We can check the quality of the scan instantly on the screen and correct it if necessary. Errors and inaccuracies that might occur in normal impressions are avoided.
  • The results can be immediately viewed on a computer screen. In that way you get a good graphic impression which was not possible before.