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Statutory health insurance

Private health insurance

Statutory health insurance

Private health insurance

gesetzlich-kl Statutory health insurance

What costs are covered by public health insurance?

The level of costs coverage by statutory health insurances depends on the diagnosed severity code for teeth and jaw problems. Findings are classified according to the 5-level KIG evaluation system (orthodontic indication group).
Further information:
Classification criteria of indication group


Grade 1 and 2 misalignment
Even though these grades are seen as requiring medical treatment, the costs for treatment will only be covered for misalignments with grades 3,4 and 5. Private top-up insurances would cover costs for KIG 1, 2 and “supplementary services”.
Bei KIG 1, 2 und „Zusatzleistungen“ übernehmen private Zusatzversicherungen die Kosten. Of interest:
The top 16 supplementary dental insurances


For misalignments with grades 3, 4 and 5
In this case, statutory health insurances will cover 80% of the statutory portion (see below) of treatment costs immediately, while 20% have to initially be covered by the patient or the patient’s parents. On completion of the treatment the 20% will be reimbursed.

What additional costs are incurred?

Unfortunately, the costs covered by statutory health insurances only ensure an absolute minimum level of care. Modern materials and new, high quality treatment concepts are not included in their list of measures.
Naturally we can care for patients in a manner that would not require additional costs. However, this does not do justice to our high standard of workmanship, which aims to supply the best possible individual care for our patients. Our creed is to guarantee the shortest and most comfortable treatment. Many of the treatment measures and materials supporting this process are not borne by the statutory insurances, so that an additional private payment is required.

Cost transparency

During our initial consultation we will explain the necessary treatment to you in detail and inform you about the costs involved. This will also be confirmed to you in writing. Prior to any likely treatment, you will have absolute cost transparency. In order to manage the potential financial burden more effectively, it is possible to pay in instalments.


If you have further questions or queries, we will gladly assist you.


Call us on 06174 969400 to arrange an appointment.

gesetzlich-kl Private health insurance

What costs are incurred?

After an extensive functional diagnostic examination and a comprehensive consultation meeting, we will provide you with a detailed cost and treatment plan. Here you will find a detailed summary of the suggested treatment and the related costs.

Reimbursement by private health insurance

We recommend that you submit the cost plan to your health insurance before commencing treatment. Subject to the type and scope of your insurance, as well as depending on the current legal conditions, your insurer will inform you about reimbursement levels for treatment costs. The refundable amount depends on the selected insurance tariff and any additional benefits that may have been agreed on.

Reimbursement behaviour of private health insurance

The reimbursement behaviour of private insurance companies has deteriorated quite drastically in recent years. In many medical fields, patients find it impossible to comprehend decisions concerning cost coverage. To every insurance company a service to the insured person represents a financial loss. Hence it comes as no surprise that insurance companies will try to avoid paying for services, or not pay the full amount – even though you may be entitled to these services. This dubious behaviour is increasingly being discussed in the media:


WDR television report entitled “ Streit um medizinische Gutachten” (The fight about medical reports)
» watch now


Article in the Welt am Sontag newspaper from 5.10.2014 – “Nur halbe Sachen“ (Only half measures)
» watch now

Help with billing issues

If you receive a bill or unsatisfactory letter from your insurance company, do not get upset – rather talk to us about it openly. We are happy to offer our assistance. Quite often a clear statement towards the insurer is sufficient to resolve “ambiguities” in your favour.


We will gladly respond to your questions:

Contact person for billing issues:
Frau Azra Cungu Tel. 06174 969400

Contact person for medical questions:
Frau Dr. Anika Bünnemeyer Tel. 06174 969400

Our external accounting partner:

Our invoicing is handled by PVS Rhein Ruhr. Here you will receive assistance concerning all billing questions by calling their patient service number 0208 4847-350